Phytoplankton monitoring by flowcytometry and EasyClus

Phytoplankton analysis and/or monitoring by flowcytometry is a cooperation of CytoBuoy BV and Thomas Rutten Projects. CytoBuoy offers an unique flowcytometer principle with respect to:
– the high dynamic sizes that can be measured in one analysis without any  preparation(1um to several mm in length)
– the collection of whole species signals (fingerprints)
– the collection of many images of species during the usual analysis
– the ability to use the instrument really stand alone or live during several months
– the collection of information other than only algae

EasyClus & LIVE (by TRP) offers software that:
– clusters and auto-database cytometric data
– works full automatic in the Live mode
– report your results immediately (few minutes after analysis) to a website
– helps you to optimize your flowcytometric analysis settings

Information about the website

Thomas Rutten Projects
Hoogstraat 7
4331 KR Middelburg
The Netherlands
email : info@fytoplankton.nl or info@ThomasRuttenProjects.com

Send an email to the address described above for any kind of other information.