LIVE general

‘Live’ results of several locations
Water samples are collected in natural waters (marine or fresh) at a high frequency (e.g. every hour) automatically and without any interference of people. The flowcytometric analysis will be done in a few minutes followed by an automatic data analysis and upload of results to this website, which is performed within 2 minutes after the flowcytometric analysis. These ‘live’ results are visualized in graphics and are even accessible by a mobile (smart) phone. This very recent development includes two ‘live’ locations. Other people are invited to have their ‘live’ results on this website in near future.

Any use of the provided data and results or information provided by this website  is on full own risk and responsibility. Those who gave access to this website or those who provided the results represented on the website cannot be held responsible for any damage or consequences that could arise from the use of this information.

Access to the results
An username and password can be necessary to have access to the ‘live’ results, dependent of the responsible organization. The username and password will be personally provided and should not be delegated to third parties.

New approach
This ‘live monitoring’ approach, i.e. the combination of flowcytometry (CytoSense, Cytobuoy BV, NL) and software (EasyClus, Thomas Rutten Projects, NL) is an unique approach. It means that the represented results are not fully validated and approved with respect to the comparison of the results with reference techniques. The relative high frequency of analysis (e.g. 1x per hour) with respect to the traditional approach, enables to collect and evaluate a lot of more information about the microbial population dynamics in the natural (marine) waters up to a single cell level.